What we do.

Our services.

Our role is to help you focus upon your strengths and what you can control and achieve, enabling you to put solid foundation in place, in order to create the life that you want, with the tools and resources to confidently build it.  This means, that we focus upon the basics, meeting you where you are at and walking the journey with you, until you feel confident to try it alone. 

You can access our service at different gateway points, however, we believe that strength comes when education and therapeutic support meet, allowing you to go on an adventure of self-awareness and discovery; building your toolbox of knowledge and skills, in order to try out strategies, techniques and ideas in your own life. We pride ourselves in having a variety of programmes to help you lay solid foundations to build upon, recognising the existing strengths and tools as a starting point. 

Some people need therapeutic support in the first instance, to gain clarity over what they want and tools to feel confident enough to access other opportunities, potentially accessing some of our workshops or courses to boost your knowledge and skills.  
Other people start off with developing knowledge and skills, then want to access therapeutic support, to embed learnings and create a personalised approach to creating changes, implementing their skills in everyday life.   All pathways aim to lead into the same place; Community Belonging, with the self belief, confidence, skills and motivation to feel connected to your community and others in order to access opportunities available to you and reach your potential. 

It is important to recognise that there are stages we must follow and have in place, in order to be achieving our potential.  So when we talk about meeting you, where you are at, it means understanding where you are in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and supporting you to put solid foundations in place, in order to build the life that you want to achieve.  

Maslow states that there are stages to achieving potential, and we must be stepping though and achieving each phase, in order to move to the next. 

What Next Chapter offers:

As a community, we understand that everyone has different strengths and needs, therefore, we are all at different stages in how we want to access services.  This is why we, at Next Chapter have created a ‘journey’ through our services, whether you need that extra 1:1 support, group and education programmes or, engaging in your community.  We listen to hear and will support your in finding the right approach and tools to support you to grow and flourish.


Giving you the knowledge and skills to implement in daily life

  • Developing Positive Communication
  • Managing Me Workshop for Adults
  • Managing Me course for Children and Young People
  • Wellness and Nutrition
  • Workshops in understanding and improving health and well-being
  • Ignite; Domestic Abuse and Toxic Relationship Recovery programme
  • Workshops, Courses and Qualifications


Giving you the space to explore what you want and develop techniques to improve mental wellness and resilience

  • 1:1 Managing Me; Developing Personalised toolkits for adults and children
  • 1:1 Community and Well-Being Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching to support people who are healing from Domestic abuse and Toxic relationships 
  • Irlens Screening

Community Belonging :

Enabling you to step into your community, with confidence and resilience 

• Accessing learning and employment opportunities

• Accessing local activities and events

• Connecting with our community and people around us 

• Feeling a sense of belonging in your community, accessing services and making a positive contribution

Where we work.

We are based at 156 Mill Lane, Wallasey and are proud to host services from our large building, which we expanded and renovated in 2019, with the support our wonderful Next Chapter friends and community.  Some of our sessions are delivered outreach in other community buildings and schools

We also offer online workshops, courses, sessions and support, making our services accessible in our wider community across Wirral, but further afield across England and beyond.

Developing Positive Communication

Accredited by Open Awards with the Badge of Excellence, the course is designed for parents who are struggling with family life, behaviour, conflict and communication, which is a barrier to them accessing education, learning and employment.  This is not a parenting course, it provides fundamental step by step approach to understanding brain development, parenting approaches, positive communication which promotes harmonious relationships, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving, as a family unit.  These skills which can be transferred to multiple areas of life and create a framework for all members of the family setting and achieving goals, enabling them to achieve their potential. 

Learners will explore brain development which creates the foundation of our attachment and relationships through life, alongside the signs and impact of emotional responses which create barriers to communication, building a toolkit of theory, knowledge and techniques to enhance self-awareness and approaches to effective communication.  Learners will leave with a set of tools to use solution focused approach, feeling more confident to express themselves, enhancing communication and reducing emotional impact of difficult situations, transferable in multiple situations.   

It aims to help families progress by creating positive changes, often challenging beliefs, values and family culture in order to establish strong foundations  to raise aspirations and achieve potential, focused around positive mental health. 

Managing Me Workshop for Adults

Accredited by Open Awards with the Badge of Excellence, the workshop is designed for adults who are wating to gain a deeper understanding into stress and anxiety for themselves or a family member.  It is particularly popular and targeted at parents, who are struggling with family life, behaviour, conflict and communication, which is a barrier to them accessing education, learning and employment.  The workshop provides fundamental step by step approach to understanding the physiology of the stress response, brain and strategies to manage different emotional states, enabling more critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving, rather than being driven by emotions.  These skills which can be transferred to multiple areas of life and create a framework to improve self awareness and that of others

Nutrition and Wellness 

This is specifically designed for learners who would like to understand more about nutrition and wellness to improve well-being, energy levels and optimise well-being.  It is often used as a progression from those who have completed courses with Next Chapter around Mental Health and well-being, ready to take the next step to understand and improve their physical health, with self-empowering strategies which can be implemented at home, creating positive changes to their well-being, thus, further impacting upon mental health and motivation.  It is understanding how key nutrients are needed to optimise body heath. 

Finding Me

This course is designed for people who have multiple barriers to accessing learning and education, predominantly due to long term and chronic health issues or mental health difficulties, leaving them with limiting beliefs around their potential.  We aim to guide and empower learners to set achievable goals and develop a personalised support plan, with clearly defined goals.  Using an evidence based resource, individuals can use the space to explore self-discovery, hope and recovery. 

Having a disability can be consuming and often we find ourselves focusing upon what we can’t achieve.  This course is aimed at exploring the difference between limiting and growth mindsets, belief systems, personal awareness and reflection and reframing thought processes, to focus on what can be achieved, without disability defining them. 

Managing Me Course for Children and Young People

Funder: Liverpool One 

Delivered in small groups of 6 (split by age) this programme runs weekly session on Zoom for a period of 7 weeks.  

This course is aimed at children and young people who would like to better understand or manage their emotions, experience low level stress and worry and would benefit from a framework and toolkit to use in daily life.  

The course is accredited by Open Awards, enabling children and young people to understand their brain, develop self-awareness and create a personalised plan to manage emotions more effectively. They learn how to communicate feelings with key adults, in order to feel heard, supported and understood, developing healthier communication.  

Parents are required to attend a workshop enabling strategies to be embedded in daily life and this is finished off by an online family activity night.  


Is a 7-week course accredited by Open Awards for those who have been in unhealthy or abusive relationships and are ready to move forward.  

The course is delivered in small groups of 6-8 online or in person, giving a sense of comfort by being surrounded by others who understand the courage and strength you have to be here and offering an environment of co-care and support.  

We take you on a journey of self discovery, understanding and encourage you to start your healing journey, thinking about who you want to be… re-discovering all those goals and dreams you have for yourself and starting to put steps in place to work towards them.

During the course, you will be taken through a process of developing a personalised plan, gaining tools to manage stress and anxiety, goal setting and exploring limiting limiting beliefs, which you may hold about yourself. 

Feedback from previous participants tell us ‘It gave me an understanding and acceptance of my experiences and how to re-connect with myself and who I want to be, knowing someone believes in me and learning that I am good enough’.

Domestic Abuse Awareness

Next Chapter provides a funded 7 week programme supporting people who have been affected by Domestic Abuse. In a safe space we focus on the non-abusive partners approach to dealing with the experience of an abusive relationship, encouraging safer and more informed choices for the future.

This programe is helpful for people who no longer live with their abusive partner but are experiencing the long term effects of abuse. You might be at a stage where you are trying to achieve a non-abusive relationship rather than leaving, this can be a lengthy process sometimes involving a ‘leaving and returning’ cycle. Our programme endeavours to provide an environment which answers some of the questions around this, while building coping strategies while considering options and choices.
Our programme explores:

• The cycle of abuse

Barriers to leaving

• Effects on children

• Potential early warning signs in new relationships


Irlen’s Syndrome Screening

We are also proud to offer Irlen’s Screening, being a fully trained and accredited member of the Irlen’s Institute. 

Irlen’s Syndrome, referred to at times as scopic sensitivity or visual stress, is a perceptual processing disorder and NOT an optical issue.  It is therefore recommended that you seek assessment resources from a trained and accredited Irlen’s Practitioner, as tinted lenses do something very different. 

Some key symptoms of Irlen Syndrome include: 

  • Distortions under visual demand such as words, 
  • text or items blurring, fuzzy, waving, wiggling, jiggling, and moving 
  • Light Sensitivity and headaches 
  • Reading & writing problems 
  • Visual and Physical discomfort 
  • Attention and concentration problems 
  • Sensory Overload & Sensitivity 
  • Depth Perception difficulties 
  • Difficulty with math computation 
  • Poor sports performance