Relax Kids

Relax kids uses research-based mindful and relaxation techniques alongside values and positive psychology to support children's emotional health and well-being. Sessions can be themed to fit in line with school curriculum, to reinforce and enhance the learning experience.

Relax kids is delivered to groups of up to 10 children, using a range of techniques to energise, calm and regulate children, enabling them to experience a state of calm, for which, learning is increased. It is delivered through a 7-step process to relaxation, to include movement, play, stretches, peer massage, breathing techniques, positive self-talk and story visualisation.

We are particularly excited by our -

Blissful Bedtimes Programme
This is a relaxing session designed with bedtime in mind; gentle movement, calming games, soothing stretches, peer massage, relaxing breathing techniques, positive affirmations and story visualisation. This is done with children and parents, allowing techniques to be transferable to the home environment, to create a more peaceful approach to bedtimes. Children enjoy coming to sessions in Pyjamas, with their teddy bear, for a full experience, ready to return home for bedtime.

We are also delighted to offer Yoga sessions and Family Yoga, which can be delivered to groups of up to 12