About us

Our extensive experience working with professionals, communities, families and young people means that we have a good understanding of the challenges many of our clients face. This has enabled us to develop a wide range of support packages to help them develop, manage or overcome these obstacles, adopting a growth mindset. We are innovative, creative and adaptable with our approach, meaning that we provide a holistic and bespoke intervention, allowing us to meet the needs of each individual.

We have won 3 international awards for an innovative approach to early intervention support and in 2017 won 2 Wirral Third Sector Business Awards for our work with Children and Young People and Project of the Year.

Our Peer Mentor Programme has achieved 2 awards for commitment and impact to younger children within their community. We are also delighted to be a finalist for the 2017 Therapist of the Year in Complementary Therapies and Health, for which we will be attending the awards evening later this year.

Our work is underpinned by the promotion of positive mental health. Case studies and feedback demonstrate a significant impact on many lives, in which we have received a dual award of Excellence in Practice. We have been a lead professional in 3 UK research projects using cutting edge techniques to impact on health, well-being and performance, providing a solid evidence base for the strategies we use.

Our passion is early intervention support to prevent individuals and families reaching crisis, and therefore have core values of working with our clients at an early stage.

We take a person centered approach and our strength is working with young people and families to assess their needs, making recommendations and connecting them with the right support, whether that is an intervention through ourselves, or, a referral to another agency.

Our approach allows individuals to reflect on the situation, being empowered to take responsibility and work in partnership with us to achieve positive outcomes. We believe that coping mechanisms need to be positive, realistic and achievable, meaning that they are more likely to be sustainable. We, therefore, encourage people to focus on what they can achieve, raising confidence and allowing strategies to be embedded in everyday life.

Our training with Wirral CAMHS and licence as Next Steps Practitioners provides a valuable tool to empowering individual to explore goal based outcomes, providing the relevant support for them to achieve it.

We do not have a magic wand!

What we do have is a set of tools and techniques to help individuals understand themselves better and with the desire and commitment to change, share our knowledge and skills to help improve quality of life. We are committed to building a positive relationship, based upon trust and respect and offer the understanding, skills, support, belief and encouragement that our clients need to find hope and begin a process of change.

Change is about shifting mindset and belief systems, which takes time and needs consistent reinforcement. This is about creating culture of growth mindsets, enabling individuals to see situations differently and creating a behavioural change. For parents, it is shifting the culture from the parenting role and allowing them the opportunity to be their children’s benchmark and coach. This is what makes us unique, we are not teaching parenting techniques, we are teaching about human behaviour and positive psychology. We challenge our clients self beliefs which impact on relationships and the children’s journey into adulthood.