What we do

Next Chapter (NW) CIC is a company with social aims, promoting positive mental health, by encouraging people to focus on what they can achieve, celebrating small milestones of success.

Our ethos is to build relationships, this allows us to educate and empower people to understand themselves better, putting the foundations in place to build skills and coping mechanisms to make long lasting, positive changes.

We offer a range of educational, fun, dynamic, friendly and caring early intervention programmes to all ages, helping people make positive changes to their life. By taking a proactive approach, people will enjoy the benefits of improved health, well-being, family life, relationships and performance, allowing them the opportunity to grow and achieve their goals.

Next Chapter hosts community events and develop strong partnerships with other organisations, helping to build a safer place to live and grow. We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with other services and agencies, reaching a wider range of clients and communities.

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Lead Staff
Claire is the founder and the Managing Director of Next Chapter (NW) CIC, with 19 years experience working in the field of health, education, learning and research. She has won 3 international awards for innovation, excellence in practice and is passionate about helping people to make positive changes to their life, giving them the confidence, skills and knowledge to make it happen.

Claire combines her personal and professional experiences, enabling her to understand the struggles her clients may face, working creatively with all age groups to break down barriers. Her career has taken an interesting route, initially working in the corporate environment, she retrained 17 years ago and moved to her current career in health, education and well-being, which has allowed her to fulfil her passion of helping people make positive changes to their life.

Having worked in several roles including; learning mentor, family support worker, well-being co-ordinator, teacher, presenter and holistic therapist and level 4 performance Coach, Claire is able to draw upon her knowledge, skills and contacts to tailor programmes to meet the needs of each individual.
Louise is Next Chapter (NW) CIC Centre Manager and our Director with responsibility for administration and finance.

Louise is a highly experienced member of the team, with extensive experience in management, programme development and finance. Within her career she has been a lead professional in setting up the Bariatric Service at Abbey Sefton Hospital and is passionate about people developing a holistic approach to managing well-being, giving individuals the power, knowledge and skills to make informed choices about their health and well-being.

Louise joined our team in early 2019 and is excited at the opportunity to be Centre Manager and fellow Director at Next Chapter (NW) CIC. She is passionate about supporting others through difficult times, which allows them to go on to reach their full potential and considers it to be an honour and privilege to be part of that journey.

Louise thrives on setting up the administration for services to deliver efficiently and in helping to set standards of excellence within that framework and is excited to be part of a growing team, offering services within her community.

In addition to her role as Centre Manager, Louise is also one of our tutors. Louise has an incredible passion and determination to develop programmes for adults and parents addressing healthy lifestyles and families, ensuring that people are given the facts, information and support to make positive and informed decisions about their health, well-being and family welfare.
Danielle Perkins - Family Well-being at Next Chapter (NW) CIC.

Danielle is a fully qualified Social Worker and Social Work Practice Educator. She graduated in Social Work in 2011 and moved straight on to manage a team of advocates working in the voluntary sector, with a focus on secondary health care in mental health. Her previous experience also includes social work with 0 to end of life care, adult psychiatric mental health and mentoring students looking to move into careers in social work.

In her role with us at Next Chapter she focuses mainly on family support and welfare, working with families to help them achieve their goals, manage behavioural difficulties and overcome the obstacles that arise as they move towards being the best families they can be. As well as working for us at Next Chapter she is a Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection at Mersey Park Primary School.

In a previous life as a musician she toured and featured on television all over the world as a backing vocalist, but these days prefers (in her spare time) the relative calm of performing in a vintage styled ukulele duo. Delivering workshops and teaching music to adults and children, as well as performing and mentoring.