Building skills, confidence in learning. English & maths tuition

Building Skills, Confidence for Learning is delivered by a highly experienced tutor, who has extensive experience working with SEN and emotional and behavioural difficulties, with a 30-year career in teaching. Her aim is to first, ignite a love in learning, develop self-belief and then build the skills.

For many of the children we work with, they may be missing essential building blocks for which learning is built upon, usually as a result of difficult life situations which has impacted upon learning, or SEN needs. This has wide reaching consequences which impacts upon outcomes, with schools working harder to meet the needs and children disengaging is their learning, reducing academic outcomes. Sometimes, a short and targeted amount of intervention can put those blocks in place, enabling them to engage in class more effectively, reducing the impact upon teaching.

Our intervention support can be delivered on a 1:1 basis for children who need the space and time, from a tutor, to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in learning, which impacts upon motivation and classroom engagement. This has proved highly successful, supporting schools through pupil premium for children who are in care, emotional behavioural difficulties, missed building blocks of learning or have specific SEN needs, requiring higher level intervention.

Feedback from one Year 4 student stated "I never knew I would actually know how to do maths, or enjoy being in school!" Another Year 5 student told us "I feel good about myself and people are treating me differently. I actually understand my work and don't have to be naughty. My teacher and classmates like me now and I've just made my first proper friend".

Working in close partnership with the school and class teacher, our small group intervention can be offered to support students with shared difficulties, offering confidence and skills through a more tailored teaching approach, away from the classroom environment.

This can be offered on site at school, with a suitable room available, or, at our centre in Wallasey, out of school time. In addition, we offer 11+ Coaching, at an affordable cost, making it accessible to all parents.