Talking Teens

Talking teens offers the opportunity for parents to stop and reflect on family life and explores different ways of approaching a transitionary period, as the journey into adulthood begins. This programme provides a positive view of teenage development and focuses up relationships within the family, including; communication, negotiation, decision-making and strategies to reduce conflict.

Thorough the programme, parents develop an increased self-awareness and enhanced understanding of teenagers feelings and behaviour, with key strategies for maintaining and improving relationships.

Some parents prefer to access this programme on a 1:1 basis, allowing them to personally address their issues through a supported and coaching basis. For others, they benefit from the shared experience of being part of a group, accessed through our courses.

This programme is delivered over 10 hours and we will cover the following topics:

• Explore the importance of parents, for teenagers

• Look at teenage development and the influences of their brain on behaviour, sleep patterns and other habits (that quite often irritate us parents)

• Boundary setting, power struggles and problem solving

• Learn and practice key strategies for maintaining and improving relationships

• Share experiences with other parents (if you wish!)