Managing me 3 day course


Managing me is a 3 day interactive course aimed at raising awareness of positive mental health and strategies which can help to improve well-being, performance and relationships.

• Children and Adolescence in Schools

• Teachers and Professional Development Training

• Improving Customer Service

• Mental Health Awareness

• Professional Well-Being

• Professional Development, creating a positive working environment

• Employability Skills

• Managing and reducing Stress

• Anxiety Management

The programme is underpinned by researched techniques and uses practical tools such as bio feedback, demonstrating, in real time, the physical link between, thoughts, feelings and reactions, providing scientific evidence.

During the workshops, we develop a shared understanding of the difference between the stress response and stress, exploring how this can manifest if unmanaged.

We investigate the importance of positive mental health, along with key facts and information about our brain and physiology. This insight enables participants to appreciate what happens in the body during a stress response, how this may translate into patterns of behaviour, and simple techniques to override it. From this, we learn how to manage stress, before it manages us, tackling uncomfortable situations with greater confidence and emotional stability.

Using an evidence based and holistic approach to stress management, participants will gain simple, sustainable and effective strategies which can be imbedded into everyday life, enhancing performance and well-being. We will also explore how to recognise other people’s stress response and effective techniques to de-escalate this, enhancing communication and rapport.

Topics covered during the day will include:

• Challenging Limiting Beliefs

• The physiology of Stress

• The Stress Effect

• Triggers

• Personal reflection and evaluation

• The Chimp Paradox

• Early Warning Signs

• Re-Charge Time

• Switching on the Relaxation Response, demonstrated through Bio Feedback

• Sustainability at home…

• Developing a positive support network

• De-escalation

• Goal setting and Celebrating milestones