Managing Me for Big People


With 1 in 10 children and 1 in 4 adults struggling with Mental Health difficulties, our aim is to increase self-awareness and promote proactive strategies to improve emotional well-being and quality of communication, relationships and life. For parents, it is a tangible tool which can be taken away and used immediately, to support family life.

Managing Me, delivered as a 3-hour workshop, is the start of a journey, providing a gentle introduction to mental health, stress, anxiety and basic awareness of the brain, a foundation for which self-awareness can be built and take away strategies given.

From here, we slowly introduce basic key elements of the brain which create different responses, impacting upon mental health. Through a guided process, they are given the opportunity to explore a personalised vocabulary, enabling them to find helpful and healthy ways to express their feelings with greater clarity. They will participate in a range of activities beginning to identify their own stress triggers, symptom identification and escalation patterns, exploring how it impacts upon daily life, communication, relationships, aspirations and goals.

This workshop is a framework for which to ignite awareness. By giving space to explore their situation and barriers, we are able to challenge beliefs, helping individuals to understand how they can be empowered to make small changes. It provides basic, take away tools which can be used to start creating change, whilst giving them the spark to want to learn more.

The latter part of the workshop explores a range of simple and basic strategies, techniques and tools to manage their emotional responses to difficult situations, enabling them to manage feelings and fears with more awareness and confidence.

The workshop is aimed at anyone over the age of 18, however, is particularly useful for parents needing strategies to support children. It takes individuals on a journey of self-awareness, enabling them to become more aware of how their responses impact upon family life and communication.