Lego Club

Lego Club is a fun and informal, safe environment for children to share a love of Lego and meet new friends, being supported by Peer Helpers during each session.

Children are welcomed into our Centre, 1 hour per week for 6 weeks, whereby Lego is ready available and they build, wherever their imagination takes them.

Some children come to our club feeling a little nervous and shy, so our amazing and wonderful team of peer helpers are ready and waiting to greet them with a smile, chat and build with them, slowing introducing them to other members, as their confidence grows.

Our team of Peer Helpers, aged between 10 and 19, have been carefully selected to join the team, attending training on volunteering, safeguarding and communication skills, enabling them to support our members to the best of their ability.

Lego Club has shown to:

• Help build relationships
• Be an opportunity for children to talk to peer helpers whilst building Lego
• Discuss worries they have in a informal, safe environment
• Gain support on worries which may be impacting upon them
• Develop communication skills, teamwork, problem solving skills, patience and kindness
• Make new friends