Growing together

Although our practitioners are trained and accredited through Family Links, Growing Together has been developed from this, using our extensive experience, knowledge and training, to provide a more comprehensive approach to supporting parents.

Our primary aim is to create a relationship based upon mutual respect, trust and acceptance between client and practitioner, in a relaxed environment, where individuals feel comfortable and safe to be honest, in order to create the change they want to see. Our approach enables us to share the journey, by using a coaching approach with our clients. This means that the practitioner simply takes the client(s) through a process, sharing ideas, theories and experience, encouraging them to think about and implement changes in family life.

Growing Together can be delivered over 22 hours through 1:1 coaching or group courses, giving essential time and space to reflect upon their family life. Through this guided and coaching approach, it balance theory with experience, enhancing parents toolkit with additional strategies, to improve quality of family life.

This course is ideal any parents with children up to the age of 10, before transitioning onto our Talking Teens Programme.

The aims of the programme include:

• Introduce the Four Constructs (Building Blocks) for positive relationships and calm, confident parenting

• Develop parents’ understanding of empathy and how this impacts on relationships

• Develop parents’ understanding of the importance of listening and communication

• Explore the power of praise and positive interaction

• Increase parents’ understanding of the power of play for relationship building

• Promote positive approaches to discipline and boundary setting

• Develop an understanding of the importance of nurture of self and others in family relationships

• Managing emotions during difficult moments