Family Lego Therapy

Lego Therapy includes 3 people per group taking a specific role; Engineer, Builder and Supplier. Members are encouraged to keep to their own role, all of which plays a significant part in building of the model. It reinforces that everyone is important and working together achieves more.

During the session, each person will take a turn in each role, developing a wide range of skills for managing the demands that each brings. The aim of the programme is to develop positive communication, tolerance, kindness, respect, patience, co-operation, teamwork, listening skills and self-regulation.

Family Lego therapy provides a framework for families to spend time together, building upon speaking and listening skills, patience and self-expression. It is natural, when someone is struggling, to want to step in and help. Lego therapy coaches team members to take a step back, allow the other team member to problem solve and only help if they have been asked to, or ask permission to offer support. In our experience, this is a highly effective model of rebalancing family dynamics and giving transferable skills which can be used at home.