Family Support Service
Meeting your schools needs, ensuring a cost effective service


Mental health is a key topic for discussion, with both Government and Ofsted recognising the importance and significance within education. We recognise that there is an increasing demand upon schools to offer a support service for children and families, without which, can impact on relationships, behaviour, attendance, performance and attainment. We know that mental health is a significant issue, impacting 1 in 10 children, with 70% not receiving adequate support.

We also know that the referral process and support available through statutory services is limited and thresholds often high. This means that schools are facing greater pressures to support children, without the resources to be able to do so. With financial restrictions that schools face, it is often difficult to fund such services within a standard school framework, yet the impact by not having it is great.

Our passion is working at an early stage of intervention, Primary environment being ideal.

Through our involvement in 3 international research programmes and several awards for innovative and excellence in practice, we know that integrating programmes which educate and empower children and families to adopt positive, significantly impacts on well-being, performance and attainment. This means that our work takes a community approach, reaching a wide range of clients and not just those who are in crisis, our focus; EARLY INTERVENTION AND EDUCATION.

Thinking differently about Early Intervention Support.

Mental Health is something that we all have, yet little attention is paid to the importance of looking after it. We are a reactive rather than proactive society.

Mental health is often misunderstood, with people only referring clients once there is a problem. This means that individuals, families and schools are impacted, inappropriate referrals being made and the timeframe for accessing support is delayed. Consequently, the cost is greater and outcomes reduced.

What if, we could rethink early intervention? What if, early intervention came in several waves, starting with education for all? From there, we could identify those who may need further support. This would then be a proactive approach, providing tailored support to identified individuals and increase chances of building resilience early. The result, a more cost and impact effective approach, reducing the number of referrals to statutory services and creating a generation who have essential life skills.

What we can offer

Our family support services is flexible, depending upon the needs and budget of the school and can be a baseline service or more comprehensive support programme; with a team of practitioners variable in experience. We believe in offering a quality, cost effective service which is able to demonstrate impact and distanced travelled, which will look different for each person. We can offer half or full day support, depending upon your needs.

Our delivery framework is flexible, dependent upon age, background and current situation. We use a core programme which is delivered through different mediums, depending upon the needs of our client, however, is underpinned by the key themes of positive mental health and personal responsibility. We have an extensive range of resources, which ensures that sessions are interactive, fun, active and memorable for participants.

Our family support services can be delivered through workshops, courses or 1:1 coaching, with take away tasks to complete, based upon a core programme.

Our coaching programmes educate and empower people to understand themselves better, embedding strategies to improve positive thinking, growth mindsets and emotional well-being, to improve family life, relationships and raise aspirations. We look at strategies that can be easily embedded, building foundations based upon relaxation strategies and emotional regulation. From this, individuals are able recognise and celebrate achievements, creating a positive environment for the whole family.

We currently have the following programmes available, which can be used to deliver a family support service to schools. More details available about each programme, upon request.

• Best Foot Forward for children

• The Coaching Parent for parents

• Family Time (Activities for Families)

• Managing Me, Relaxation and Emotional Regulation Support for children

• Stress Management Coaching for parents

• Personal Development Groups focused around positive mental health and well-being

• Befriending and Mentoring Support for children or parents

• Next Steps Coaching (CAMHS trained practitioners) for children or parents

• Lego Therapy for children

• Meeting and Managing the Chimp Brain Bridging holidays – Family support for holiday times

Feedback and evidence has demonstrated the following positive outcomes:r

We have been delivering this programme for over 16 years in Wirral and now offer an outreach service across Merseyside. Impact has shown an improvement in:

• School & Family relationships

• Increased mental and emotional resilience

• Ability to de-escalate difficult situations

• Improved parenting capacity

• Prevention of escalation into crisis

• Reduction of referrals into statutory services

• Raised aspirations

• Increase in access of Education, Employment & Training

• Improved health and well-being, with reduction in GP contact time