The Coaching Parent; developing communication, confidence & leadership

The Coaching Parent works on the ethos of developing positive communication, to improve the quality of family life.

The aim of the course is to provide a strong foundation in which parents can consciously increase self-awareness, enabling children to model strategies, managing situations and emotions with greater confidence.

Within the course, we explore different communication and leadership styles which impact upon relationships. By providing information and skills, parents will develop a toolkit of strategies, feeling more equipped to empower children to explore solutions to their own problems, using a coaching model. This enables the little people to develop independence, critical thinking skills and cultivates a culture of problem solving.

The course takes parents on a journey of being able to reflect and evaluate their current situation, using a coaching model to assist them in identifying a goal, considering what change would look like, setting SMART goals. Parents have the opportunity to learn about brain development and emotional responses, which influence behaviour, explore communication and leadership styles, reflecting upon how it impacts upon their family.

The courses are delivered over 18 hours, which can be as full days or half days.
Themes throughout the course include:

• Theme 1 Developing Self-Awareness

• Theme 2 Understanding brain development and childhood experiences

• Theme 3 Understanding Leadership & Communication

• Theme 4 Developing Strategies for healthy and positive communication

• Theme 5 Understanding Coaching Strategies

• Theme 6 Action planning and implementation

By the end of the course, parents can expect to have an insight to parenting approaches and strategies to actively coach themselves and family members, with a model to assess change and growth personally and as a family.