Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward won Wirral Third Sector Business Awards 2017 for Project of the year.

With 1 in 10 children and Young People experiencing a mental health condition and 75% not receiving threshold for support, it is essential that children and young people are given the tools, knowledge, skills and support to develop positive mindsets. This programme enables young people to see challenges as an opportunity to grow, demonstrating resilience at an early stage, providing strong foundations in which they can build coping strategies.

Best Foot forward is a programme for all, aiming to upskill individuals at the earliest possible stage, before issues arise, educating and empowering children and young people to understand what mental wellness means and how they work towards maintaining it.

This motivational programme educates all children to understand physiology, emotions and how thoughts can be positively channelled to create resilience and wellness, putting strong foundations in place, for which they can set and achieve their goals; an essential toolkit which can be used and adapted as they journey into adulthood.

Best Foot forward can be used for any age group, even, adults, however, our greatest success is delivered to young people between the ages of 7 and 14, equipping them to understand brain development and how emotions and choices impact upon the brain. Consequently, this gives individuals a greater self-awareness and responsibility for managing daily demands with greater confidence and resilience.

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